Career Cunselling

what to consider while salary negotiatio..

Negotiation of salary is something every job holder has to deal with in their life. But before starting the negotiations for salary, you need to find the actual worth of the job you are doing, and wha...Read More

importance of career guidance for studen..

In Pakistan career guidance for students is a rarely know idea. Rather the kids are forced to choose a subject as liked, preferred or wished by the parents. Another painful fact is that the majority o...Read More

7 reasons why skill enhancement is impor..

When you are asked to list things you do on a daily basis, probably you will not add new things that you have learnt, on the list. Life these days is tough and packed with lots and lots of work and th...Read More

computer skills employer want to see on ..

Employers want every job hunter to know what they are looking for. In the technology equipped world of today, computer skills are something of core importance for a smooth execution of the work proces...Read More

importance of work place ethics

By business ethics, we mean the written or unwritten codes of values, principles and morals that we carry at our work place. These accepts of our personality and behavior governs the decisions and act...Read More

top 5 leadership and management skills

When we talk about improving the productivity of the employees, and making sure that each individual is motivated to offer their best, a combination of some skills need to be with the people who are a...Read More

resume mistakes you should avoid while l..

The resume is your face to the employer and chances to land for a job interview highly depend on your resume. Being the first contact you make with the employer, the resume is the most crucial eleme...Read More

how to be proactive at work

Looking over your action critically, at the work place is one of the most important things. Are you a person who reacts to the events happening around or you take an initiative to participate in it? ...Read More

importance of organizational behavior at..

Different organizational structure tends to produce specific behaviors in employee who are working there. The nature of organizational behaviors is of great importance as it has a strong impact on the...Read More

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