Importance of English in Employment & in Career Development
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Importance of Improving English Language Skills and Jobs that Require Them

The importance of communication in today’s corporate world is undeniable. Being the most commonly used language in the business world, English has unmatched worth. A person equipped with a set of English language proficiency can smoothly excel in the business world since he is able to convey the technical skills he retains in an effective […]

Career vs. Job
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Career vs. Job: Following Your Passion

It is a common matter of debate that if the work you are doing is called your career or your job. Most of us perceive them as if they mean the same. Well, they do not. There are a number of distinguishing factors that differentiate one from the other. Money vs. Experience: The basic element […]

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How Soft Skills can Help You Get the Job You Need

While building our resume during a job search, we often strive to mention maximum skills that we are good at. It is a common inclination that we try to focus more and more on skills we can provide proof of specializing at, which are called hard skills. Hard skills normally constitute the knowledge base that […]

Rising Trend of Female Employment in Pakistani Job Market
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Rising Trend of Female Employment in Pakistani Job Market

As per 6th Population and Housing Census 2017, women occupy 48.76% of the total population of Pakistan. In order to support the country’s economy, there is a critical need for women to become a functioning part of labor supply in Pakistani job scenario. What the Tradition States! Traditionally, there is a lot of stereotype revolving […]

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Routine of Successful People

It is often a matter of great curiosity that how do successful people spend their day and what kind of routine do they follow every day. Many of us follow the trend to idolize them and think of them as some superhuman workaholics considering their achievements and the hype surrounding them. We, sometimes, fail to […]